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I'm PhuLwin :D
I am crazy at times but,
you can see something's bothering me when I'm quiet.
Born on 23 Sept '94
and a libra.
Studying in BMSS, which sucks a little too much.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 3:46 PM

:) created a new one.
But no worries, not abonding banana republic...... yet.

And Livejournal.

I'll be posting both blogs if I have time.
So u can relink either one or both !


Sunday, July 20, 2008, 2:44 AM

lol. hey peeeeps.

thinking of changing blog url.

Watcha think? :D

Monday, July 7, 2008, 10:25 PM

1. What do you wish to have right now?
-Everything I want

2. What would you do if it can't come true? -
It might or might not come true.

3. What is infront of you? -
My cup, followed by my monitor.

4What is the weather now?

5. Missing anyone right now? -
Yes. No .

6. Ever regretted anything? -

7. What do you do every morning?
-o.o depends on which day. depends on my mood.

8. Do you want to rewind anything?

9. Looking forward to?
- holidays.

10. Do you like your handphone number?
-so -so

11. Currently listening to?

12. What were you doing an hour ago?

13. Feeling at the moment?
-upset that sch starts tmr.

14. What did you do yesterday at this time?
-Uhm..... cant remember.

15. What time do you usually sleep?

.16. Who is your childhood friend?
Forgot. lol

17. Previously talked to in msn?
Rathaslayer -_-

18. Who haven't you seen in awhile?

19. What do you miss doing?
Critisizing ppl with Helena. ):

20. The last person you saw who logged in msn?

21. Ever smoked?

22. Ever stole?

24. Regretted doing any of them?

25. Which one?

Who was the last person who messaged you?
Tun _l_

27. What does it say?
I think so B-) =.=

28. Name a ex that you wish you're still with him now.

29. When were you born?


.31. Anyone you know has the same birthday as you?
Kimberly Teoooooooo.

32. Ever seen anyone who looks like you?
Hmm no.

33. Ever went clubbing?

34. Do you want to change your name?
Nah. Other names are really common. So far havent heard of anyone
who has same name as me. ^^

35. Ever done something when you told yourself not to?
Think so

36. Which country do you want to go over the years?
New Zealand

37. Do you believe in God?
No... shh :d

38. Ever been to a church?

39. Rate your life.
For now, cant really call it LIFE. I still have 60 smth more years to go.

40. What will you do if you are the only human on earth?
I rather die.


Saturday, July 5, 2008, 6:07 PM

Something is really worrying me, health.
My skin recently is fragile. And my toes hurt, and forms a skin containing water.When there's heat. Just like this morning when i went for training.

After training I was telling mei Shan about liver cancer.
And I've realised since yesterday, the right side of my tummy hurts twice
a day. It is where the liver is.
The hurt is damn pain and it last a few seconds. I JUST got it
thats why i'm posting this. Its like something really stab ur liver. lol.

Anyway, Im alive and kicking. So don't worry :D I'm just stating POSSIBLITIES.

I went training today, finally cause my aunt spoke to my mom.
So, I went for training today. And.
I really wished I hadn't go. Mei Shan is right. And I think I should say this.
What kind of floorball team gossips and gives fking faces to their teamates?
So what if they push you and shoot you? That's not on purpose, so get a life.

We are kind of considering changing CCAs. But i think we jus play for B girls tournament next year. Than can decide.

Friday, July 4, 2008, 5:42 PM

Hey Hey ! :D

Today was of course, a good day. ITS FRIDAYYY ^^

Met Val again. She saw my dad too.
Then first period History.
The class was like so quiet when we were about to enter and
the trainee teacher Mr LEO, was screaming and shouting his golden rules.
Okay the class was certainly very behaved, like for the first time?
Whenever he ask a student read a passage, after that he will say,
..... which is so damn lame.

Rarrrrrr then IT.
The boring-est of all. Ong Xin Hui = Patricia Mok, haah! :X
Didn't bring file, stand -.-
Learnt about HTML and tags, its like, might as well do blogskins la!

Wang Shi didnt come school, Kimberly didn't come school ,
so there was Val , Joanna and me only . Ate.

Han Rong's group and Fendi's group's commercial are the nicer ones :D
Mine cant be played cause Ms Nora's lappie doesn't have the program T.T

I borrowed a book from the library first.
I like both Seow's and Mdm Ong's class.
For Mr Seow's,
if excluding the noisy ones la haha, sure can study well.

For Mdm Ong's,
which is very noisy at times, is good cause there's air con
and its a smaller group. I'll stick with Ong's class :D

Haha! No one listens to Tan Phuay.

After school Joanna and Valerie followed me to my aunt's place
as she made some noodle salad :D
Val said it was nice, Joanna said it was nice too , i said its nice, SO ITS NICE! :D
It was Stirling road there. Then we went Fairprice to get some ice cream. -.-
Valerie piggy backed Joanna and they nearly crack some carton of eggs, haha!
After that we slacked at Playground, I go disturb valerie.
Anyway I came up with a new name for Valrie after we played the see-saw
Since the see saw was 2 seater at each end, Joanna and I sat at one end,
and not suprisingly, Valerie at the other end and still managed to lift both of us up,
it was really damn funny. So we decided to call her, the girl who can represent 5 people.
And been teasing her all the way, lmao!

Played a lil catching, laughed like crazy la! Valerie keep throwing sweets at me.(venting anger)
Obviously as a goalie I caught the sweets and ate them :X
Hhaha! They left around 4 pm.

Then I left the house with my aunt at 4.20pm.



Thursday, July 3, 2008, 2:58 PM


Science in the morning -.-
Realised that slut and E. stead. Haha, now then know.
E was playing with her anyway. Almost all the guys in the class has been used
up by her. Except Ahmir and Sum lah, lol.

Tan Phuay was talking about diffusion, so I asked if rumours are one
example. It could be okie! lol

Mother Tongue.
I was drawing throughout the lesson. On text books, worksheets,table.
The lesson is just too boring.

Hoho! I went to disturb the sec1 malay kids. Cause they were sitting behind us.
The little one called Riduwn gave me his no. ^^ ...... =.=


ART! <333
Yay. 4 periods. I love thursdays cause of this :D
And also the showdown. Lol.

I completed Tan Yee Hiang's potrait already. Then do the colouring.
Eh Honey very nice one lor. Brian was like asking if anyone want the chewing gum
(last piece left) .
Then before I could take honey snatched it. After that he gave me! ^^ Thanks ah.

And the fking faggot embecile punt dweeb retarded loser arse Wei Jie go make
poor Jia Jia fall . 99% of the class believe it to be done on purpose. I felt sooo damn
sorry for Jia Jia. She might already have a bad impression of 2D. Cause some like keep
making fun lo.
I scared she will cry, lol but lucky she's cheerful uh. Always smiling, but she felt
embarrased, her already tomatoe face turned into red chilli.

If i am allowed to kill a person in 2D, definitely it will be Lee Wei Jie. Little dickhead.
He kicked my bag yesterday, I burst -.-
Then I was like so angry I go kick him damn hard on his hip. Meh sorry.

After art was English.
Rushed on the project. Hope it'll be good enough for presentation tmr.

Ate lunch . Walked around with Mei Shan. Up and down the building. lols.

I hate to say this, but
Please, stop trying to be someone you are not.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 2:50 PM


Today school was soooooooooooo boring! I should have brought my pillow.

Since I'm bored...... random things.

The comments beside the names are the things I can remember about them :D

WangShi- purple,loud,pout,banana,cheeee bong, twiitxsz, _l_sheryl :x pqpw >:D HEH
Ahmir-funny,lame,mischevious,prankster,chenshunfa drawing,floormat hair
Helena-mooseblood,panda eyes,crumpler bag,boob,hahaha,handphones,ab,twiitsxsz ,paramore
Joanna-w850iphone,nikebag,joshua,heartshape mouth,floorball,puma wallet,money,sister.
Valerie-squarehair,fungi breath,NWX,penknife,myuk pencil case,many colour pens,vulgar,tigress
Kimberly-bigboob,sweetsmile,hair,choochinming,fierce,china girl eccent
AlvinTan-Eagle,floorball,pout,English lessons

HAH! okay, i am really that bored.

And then a surveyyyyy

1) If you got married , what would your name be?
Mrs Teo. HAHA kidding.

2) What did you do this afternoon?
sleeping in class!

3) When do you plan on having kids or your next kid?
Not interested.

4) Do you know a secret about your last ex that would embarrass them?

5) You love ?
every thing i love lor!

6) Can you use chopsticks?

7) How old were you when you lost your first tooth?

9) Why did you throw up last?

10) Last time you were on the phone
this morning?

11) What's for dinner?
take aways -.-

12) Ever been to the Statue of Liberty?

13) Voting for Hilary?
Not into politics.

15) Do you HAVE to have brand name stuff?

16) Last time you washed your hair?

17) Who will you be sleeping with tonight?
who else.

18) Do you like Oreos?

19) Do you send out Thank you cards?

20) Can you ice skate?

21) Do you have a brother?

22) Do you know how to change a diaper?
ahhh... yes?

23) Do you flip people off while driving?
I don't drive

24) What color is your car?
NIL. But if i have one if future , lets hope it'll be lime green or
hotpink :D

26) Do you keep a planner?
used to, but never at all follow it.

27) Who's your favorite American Idol judge?
Hmm, Simon? He's funny. And maybe Randy.
Paula suckszxs

28) Do you like to grocery shop?

29) What kind of mood are you in?

30) Last time you cleaned?
Clean hse? Ytd.

34) Do you do your own laundry?

36) Has someone close to you passed away this year?
Yeh :/

37) Baths or showers?
meh not much difference

38) Do you take out the trash?
Dad's job. Haha.

39) Are you getting engaged any time soon?
of course not

40) What's the best part about being single?
No worries! Freedom! And most of all, being yourself! :)

41) Paper or Plastic?

42) Do you watch "The Hills"?

43) Last CD you played?
Hmm cant remember

44) What did you do last Saturday night?
dinner at Tom Tan or dunno what restaurant.

45) What are you thinking about right now?
Food. Qiao Shen. School. Tonight's ch 8 drama.

What disaster is gonna happen ?
Bad results for exam?

46) Which one of your friends is going to have the cutest baby?
haha probably Jian Wen

47) What is the theme of your bedroom?
No themes. Greeeeen.

48) Wearing any bracelets?
nah, itchy

49) Last thing someone bought for you?
Hmmm. Yesterday. food. hah

50) What are you going to do now?
Publish post. -.-

Tuesday, July 1, 2008, 4:19 PM

Hellllo! :D Hee .

AEP was awesomezxs today , cause of .. ^^

Anyway met up Val at 6.50am+
Then coincedentally met Jia Wen and Kim on the 139 bus :D
We went Mac together. Joanna and Banana already there.
Ate our breakfast then slack. The time we left was around...7.40am? :x

Then reached sch got our pink slips. O: kena Miss Toh also.

Then mother tongue.... =_=

Who else but honey? :D

Its damn boring laahh.


Then was Lit.
Mrs Ng said something about Loan Sharks splashing paints outside ppl house.
Hmm I wanna be one. lol jk.

After that math!
Omg changed teachers, I mean, the students go to their new teachers. Not all,
selected ones. And I'm one of them, so now my math class will be at the library :D
But the thing is other 2C guys damn noisy la. Wah a terrible place to study.

I don't even know what Tan Phuay Phuay is saying -.-

Ate, cause so damn hungry.
Changed to Pe. Omg AEP.

During AEP, we had 2 instructors, both males.
And one of the male is damn feminine. And the other one... ^^
He look so much like Edison Chen can!! The whole class especially the girls,
since there are only 2 guys. All of them were squeaking about him. He's name is

Did some Salsa moves, not that easy. But don't know why always the damnce
include more of pushing chest forward, butts push out also. Hoho, but had funnn :D

Then later Gordon did an air flip! Holy cow! All the girls scream lor! ~.~
Sad didn't take when he's doing air flip. But I took this, but not so clear. :(

Anyway, Yesterday's post's pics:

Ahmir's lovely drawing of Mr Chen

Attacking Sarah , hahaa!

BYE ^^